Create your own website using our easy drag-and-drop builder. Or pick one of our hundreds of templates.


Create your own funnel using our easy drag-and-drop builder.


Create your own membership product using our easy builder.


Take payments from your products and services.


Create pipelines to track sales and your customers journey.


Create calendars for you and your time to get more bookings.


Your customers can book appointments for your services. Even when your business is closed.


Have all your customer conversations in one place.


Create products and services easily and track sales.


Create surveys or quizzes to learn more about your customers.


Create forms to collect lead and customer information to follow up.

Chat Boxes

Set up a chat for your customers and generate more sales.


Schedule auto emails or broadcast to your leads.


Send text / SMS to your customers to reach more of them.


Manage all your contacts, leads, customers in one place.


Create Automations in your business to save time.


Automate your tasks to avoid error and delays in your business.


Make outbound or receive inbound calls from customers.


Keep track of all your lead and customer sources.


See all your reports in one place and make better decisions.


Send review requests and track your reputation in one place.

Select from six Mini Games

Create a mini game that reveals a discount for an item you sell


Upload videos to your membership or course with a click.

Ten cloud-based pieces of software.

All-in-one Design & Mock-up Engine, Slick Image Editor, 1-Click Background Remover, Logo Factory, Animated Ad Builder, Pixel Perfect, 3D Live Motion Photos, Magic Object Remover, Video Survey Pro & Video Resizer. Use them to help you get your business up and running like the professional you are!

Marketing Cyclone is a marketing and sales platform that aims to make marketing and sales easy, affordable, and effective for businesses of all sizes and industries. With their all-in-one platform, businesses have complete control over their marketing strategies and can access proven systems, tools, training, and support to achieve their business goals.

The platform has received praise from satisfied customers who recommend Marketing Cyclone for its effective social media marketing, targeted advertising, and content creation. The team at Marketing Cyclone takes the time to understand each business's unique needs, goals, and industry, developing a customized marketing strategy that works.

One area where Marketing Cyclone excels is targeted advertising. Their team helps businesses identify their most relevant audience and create ads directly to them, resulting in increased website traffic, lead generation, and optimized campaigns.

Marketing Cyclone's all-in-one platform offers a wide range of features and tools, including websites, funnels, memberships, payments, pipelines, calendars, appointments, conversations, products, surveys, forms, chat boxes, email, text, CRM, automation, workflows, calling, tracking, reporting, reviews, video, and ten cloud-based pieces of software. To move your business in the direction you want.

In addition, Marketing Cyclone offers over 20 different add-ons to help businesses take their marketing strategies to the next level, including leads for your business, creating a website chat like
Reuben who talks, creating a logo, and creating a storefront.

Marketing Cyclone is committed to providing its clients with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive market. Contact them today to learn more about their platform and how they can help your business reach its goals.

ten cloud-based pieces of software. You can use it to help you get your business up and running like the professional you are!

All-in-one Design & Mock-up Engine. It's a one-stop shop for all your graphic needs with 10,000 plus ready-to-use templates.

With Slick Image Editor, Use this powerful image editor to retouch and adjust your images with auto face detection included.

1-Click Background Remover is an A.I.-powered, you guessed it, one-click Auto-Background removing tool. With this, you'll no longer need to hire someone or spend your precious time on those tedious tasks.

Logo Factory is an Intelligent Automatic Logo generator tool with a powerful all-in-one editor where you can create the logo of your dreams in minutes.

Animated Ad Builder allows you to Instantly create banner ads with built-in animated templates and an easy-to-use editor.

Converts your pixelated images to Vector SVG graphics to resize them as much as you want with Pixel Perfect 

3D Live Motion Photos brings your static images to life with 3D effects and more. 

Magic Object Remover can remove unwanted objects and people from your images. 

 Video Survey Pro can be used to create and collect video surveys. 

 Video re-sizer can be used to edit your videos with simple clicks.

The CRM gives you all the power you will need to move your business forward with these features plus more!

The dashboard is a quick overlook of different areas. In opportunities, you can select your chosen dates to see how many different types are there and whether they're closed, open, or lost.

Pipeline Value, like the opportunities section, you can choose what dates to see how much all your pipelines are worth during those times. That's all from me for now.

Conversion Rate shows how many you've converted into a closing sale out of all your opportunities and pipelines. For instance, if you had four chances and closed all of them, your conversion rate would be 100 percent, or if you had ten and could only complete five, your conversion would only be 50 percent instead of 100 percent.

Funnels show the breakdown in a colorful diagram of your chosen funnel between your selected dates and how much each portion is worth. You can also click on each piece to have it not appear in the funnel if so desired.

In tasks, you can see what's been completed, things that need to be completed, plus when it's due for each employee or all employees, like finishing Mojo's Masterpieces website, Completing a web seminar on greeting customers, or Due the monthly reports & filing.

In conversations, you can look at unread, recent, or all discussions in this area. Use the quick filters feature to choose multiple conversations between Email, SMS, G.M.B., Whatsapp, Facebook, Calls, Voicemail, and Instagram. You can also choose to see which employee they came from or select multiple employees.

The dashboard



calendar section


My Staff

In the calendar section, you can choose between all the calendars created and booked appointments or the slots you've decided to block out due to various reasons like holidays, your employee's availability, or requested days off. Your pick can be broken down as daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can upload all contacts individually in the contacts section, which can take forever! We offer an add-on. Unlocking a feature that lets you upload all of them at once using all supported C.S.V. file types up to fifty Mega bites in size. Then you can send out bulk SMS & Emails.  

 You can slide whatever people or businesses you've added from your contacts list in the opportunities section. Into the different areas with ease to update them as they progress, whether it's contacting customers, being unable to get a hold of the lead, If they showed up or were a No Show for the appointment you made with them, Not interested slash Not yet ready or whatever you want them to be.

My Staff is where you input all your employees with their emails, phone numbers, and password you provide for them. Permit them with just the click of a button on different things they can do in your company, like editing contacts, Tags, Triggers, Funnels, and so much more. Their call and voicemail settings, availability, and you can even hook up their calendar and sink it up so there with be no conflicts during scheduling.

Pipelines control all your channels created for you or the ones you have made yourself. As discussed in Opportunities, a pipeline is like a flow chart to move clients to different positions as your employees progress them.

You can create different calendars, for instance, a 14-day free trial sign-up, 20-minute General Support Call, or New Clients sign-up. Use these calendars to book a call with clients, meetings, support calls, or whatever you offer. They can book appointments even when your store is closed. You are giving them the option to pick the best time frame and date up to six days in advance that works for them within the days & hours your open. 

Under the phone Numbers tab, you can find your new phone number that can be given out to vendors, potential buyers, different businesses, or whatever you would like to use it for. That way, it's not tying up your work line. We will create an A.I. voice for your company, saying anything you want as your voice message.

You can use this to call out or just a voicemail system. It's up to you. The number will be used to send out all your SMS and phone conversations from the call button on your website. We can even provide different numbers for each employee at a fee. That way, they can have their number to talk to vendors and sales reps plus, it's always nice to put on a personalized business card for each employee.

Reputation Management, you will get your google business link to share with everyone. This is also where you will set up how you want it to look before sending it out. With S.M.S. and emails, you can ask your clients to create a review for your business.

Most people will say they will write one for you, but we all know that with everyone's busy lifestyles, it's easy to forget things. So with A.I. tech, you can set it up to remind them every day at a different time for up to four days. This is a proven way to get more reviews and boost your google business.

phone Numbers

Reputation Management

Lincoln County Revival package deal

It's easy, effective, and affordable.

The cyclone is the most cost-effective way to get more sales leads and customers. It's so simple that anyone can do it, even if they're not tech-savvy! Marketing Cyclone's platform also works in any niche market or industry!  

We'll build Unique Mini landing pages, landing pages & Websites that fit the client's needs.  We also offer different add-on deals to help propel your business forwards to the next level. whether it's S.E.O. work, AI Chat box, Logo work, or help find clients near your area. Check out the rest of our services below to find out more.

We look forwards to hearing from you. Thanks for checking us out, and have a nice day. If you haven't had the chance checkout our Lincoln County Revival package deal video to your left mostly built with AI. If your county could use something like this get a hold of us by clicking the Call Options Calendar button and scheduling a call with us at your convenience.


To Start The Process For Your Website

Please pick one of the templates that best fits your needs. Afterwards choose one of our three package deals.

Then click the button for your chosen package at your convenience. Next select the day and time that works best for you.

End Result

We will call you back during that time to talk and see if we are the right fit for your company. We move forward by building that package deal for you!

Then check back to see how your business is doing and if we can help you out even future with add-ons or just moral support to help move your company to the next level.

Cyclone Steppingstone

Coming Soon!

If you would like use the Cyclone Steppingstone to choose your own package deal. Start off by simply picking one of the templets and move on to the next Steppingstone.

If you don't like a stone jump on to the next one or you can skip to the end. Were we'll move forward by building your custom package deal!


We are willing to make it easier by taking two payments, one on the first of the month and the other on the fifteenth. Let us know if you would like a package deal with fewer features, and we can work on one that fits your business structure.

Package Deals


$249 A Month

Plus One Time Creation Fee Of $100

Package includes:

Create a website chat

Create A Google Business

Search engine optimization

Create a landing page

Website hosting

as a bonus Each month you will receive:

$25 In advertising

Consultation once a month about your business


$498 A Month

Plus One Time Creation Fee Of $200

Package includes:

Create a website chat

Ten cloud-based pieces of software.

Create A Google Business

Search engine optimization

Create a two-page website

Website hosting

as a bonus Each month you will receive:

$50 In advertising

Consultation twice a month about your business

One Logo video


$996 A Month

Plus One Time Creation Fee Of $400

Package includes:

Create a website chat

Ten cloud-based pieces of software


Create A Google Business

Search engine optimization

Create a three-page website

Website hosting

as a bonus Each month you will receive:

$75 In advertising

Consultation three times a month about your business

One Logo video

One Promo flyer

One Minute A.I. Avatar Video

Half Off this deal for Your Birthday Month!

Half Off

this deal For December Plus A Free Gift!


Leads for your business with a 50% of your money-back guarantee if we don't hit the targeted goal!

The CRM of the

All-In-One platform

Have a cartoon character drawn for your store

Advertising for Mini landing page, landing page, website, & Google Business

Create a website chat

Create a business card

Widgets & Surveys

Create Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, & Pinterest

Create a digital calendar, birthday card, daily plainer, or holiday card using your logo

Create extra pages for your site

Post and create content for your social media so you don't have to

Create a Promo flyer

Search engine optimization

Create a logo

Pick a talking avatar for your webpage like the one on ours

Create a storefront

Create a logo advertising video

Create a cookie policy, privacy policy, terms of service, or return policy

Ten cloud-based pieces of software of the

All-In-One platform

Create up to a one minute A.I. avatar video

Create an advertising video

Create a mini game that reveals a discount for an item you sell

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